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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)


Our mission at the Rocky Mountain Youth Football League is to provide youth ages 7 to 14 an opportunity to participate in the game of football while teaching them the fundamentals of the game and further developing their football skills with an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, respect and competitive team interaction with youth their age, and while being coached and mentored by adults who emulate the same standards. Every youth who has the wish and desire to play, regardless of experience, skill or ethnicity, will be afforded that opportunity in the RMYFL. Winning does not make a winner, and losing does not make a loser... it’s how you play the game, on and off the field that makes you a winner!




 When does the season start and how long does it last?

 See the registration page for information on dates. The regular season will be a 6-7 game season with the possibility of a bye week for every team.  The top 4 teams in each division will play in week 8 the first round of the playoffs and the remaining 2 teams will play in the Rocky Mountain Bowl on week 9 , the last day of the season. 

 How many games are in a season and how do playoffs work?

Each team will have six to seven regular season games: one game a week, with a possibility of a bye. There will be single elimination playoffs in which the top 4 teams in each division will be selected to play in.  Those teams will be selected by win/loss record, not scores (unless there is a tie in win/loss category). The final game of the season will be the Rocky Mountain Bowl in which both teams will receive trophies.

 How are teams formed and/or what team will my player be on?

  Coaches typically recruit players and form their own teams with players from their area and who most likely played for them in their fall football season.  If you have a player that wants to play but does not have a coach, then our first step would be to find a coach who would be interested in coaching your player and building a team.  The league will help your player find a coach if needed.  If we are unable to find a coach that is able to coach your player and build a team, the next step would be to place your player on the closest team to where your player lives as long as that team is not already full. 

What do I have to do to become a coach?

If you are interested in coaching, please email the league your contact information, where you are from, what division you are coaching in, what your team name will be, and what your primary team color will be (team colors are given priority to teams that are returning and have seniority, if a both teams are new then its first come first serve) to [email protected].  Then register as a head coach.  Once you register as a head coach, then you can invite other coaches and players.  When they register with your team code, they will automatically be place on your team.   You must be able to pass a background check and be USA Football level 1 certified.  You must also register as a coach at the AAU website. Register for AAU at the AAU website and sign up under the Rocky Mountain Youth Football Club by entering the club code: W38E49  


What is the registration fee, and what is included with it?

Registration is $200 per player and includes the game jersey.  Each player keeps their jersey after the season. The registration fee also includes the following: rental of fields, cost of officials, cost of game day staff, cost of game day security, and awards for championship teams.

What will my player need to provide that the league does not?

The league only provides a jersey. The league does not provide the rest of the player equipment. Players will need to provide their own equipment.

 The players will need to supply mouth guard, athletic supporter with cup and football cleats. They will also need to bring their helmet, shoulder pads, pants with pads, etc. (click this link for information from USA Football on equipment)

If you need to rent equipment, the league will assist you in renting equipment. Coordinate this with your head coach.

Is there a discount if we have our own equipment?

No that discount has already been applied to the registration fees.  

What if my team wants to get custom jerseys from outside of the league?

 If a team wants to get jerseys from outside of the league they are welcome to do so.  They will receive a $25 discount off the registration fee per player for doing so.

Where will practices be, when will they start, and how long may my team practice?

 Practice locations will be determined by the teams head coach.  Practices can start as early as 4 weeks prior to the first game.  Practices will be no more than 6 hours a week.  It is up to the head coach how he wants to divide those 6 hours per week.  It is also up to the head coach if he wants to coach less hours than 6.  All practices can be in full pads but are not required to be. 

What are weight limits?  

 Please click the divisions tab on our home page to find this information.  There are no weight limits.  Any player can play any position.  There are no weigh ins or Older But Lighters.
Will each player have to check in before each game?
Weigh in no.  Check in Yes.  A league representative will be at each field and will have a roster with that player’s jersey number, name on jersey, height, weight, birthdate, age, designation, photo and full name.  Each player will have to check in no sooner than 30 min before game time, and no later than the beginning of the 3rdquarter in order to play in that game.  A team will forfeit the game and the coach will be suspended by the league if that coach’s team fields or attempts to field an illegal player.  Playing illegal players will not be tolerated by the league.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers for team?

The minimum number of players for a team to be formed is 12 for an 8 man team 16 for a 11 man team.  If your team is unable to field an 11 man team, then they are able to field an 8 man team.  If your team in any give week is unable to field 8 players, then they will forfeit the game.  The maximum number of players is 25 although it is recommended not to take on more players then you need to help ensure playing time for players. There is NO minimum play rule for each player.  

Are there any discounts for players that are low income or need assistance with registration?

If you have a player that needs assistance with the registration fee then you can do a fundraiser for your team.  You can also find sponsors for your team.  The league has no rules against a team doing fundraisers or finding sponsors for their team.  Several teams have had success with this in the past.  Our operating costs are the same for each team nor would it be fair to the other teams if we charged different rates for different players on different teams. Any sponsor logos on any uniform must be approved through the Commissioner. 


Refunds may be given up to the first game in the amount of $175 dollars. A full refund will only be given to players up to 2 weeks prior to the first game.

For any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please email the league at [email protected]