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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)


We appreciate all the time and effort that parents put into letting their kids play sports. We appreciate that you have chosen to let your child(ren) play in this league. We hope that this is a positive experience for both you and your child. 

Please remember that the following must be completed for each child:
- Successful completion of the registration process.
- Weigh and sign in at the designated time by the league.
- The child and parent must complete the requirements per the concussion policy.
- All spectators and participants need to know and understand the sideline policy as well as the rules of the game. 
- All spectators and participants need to follow the bylaws. 

Please remember that it makes it difficult to run a League when everyone communicates with someone at the top. Any complaints from a team have to be represented by the Head Coach. The Head Coach will take the concerns to the Regional Director who will attempt to resolve the issue. This will continue up according to the bylaws.

To the right are links that should help you with any questions you may have, we also encourage you to explore the page and ask your coaches any questions you may have.