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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)

Regional Directors


Regional Directors are only to be contacted by Head Coaches. Please read the bylaws regarding conflict resolution (further down the page) to understand and follow the proper procedure, thanks.  Regional Directors will be selected based on need and location of teams.  If no regional directors are selected then conflict resolution will go through the commissioner.


The links on this page are forms that cover filing complaints and appealing decisions. Please follow the guidelines that are given on the forms. Incomplete or failure to follow those instructions will result in the form being rejected. 

Conflict Resolution / Appeal process from Bylaws



24.1.1 It is expected and normal that in athletic competition there will be disagreements. These disagreements have the potential to escalate into conflicts. The Board of Directors, the Regional Directors have the authority and responsibility to resolve disputes. As much as is reasonable, opposing parties are expected to view the issues from a neutral perspective.

24.1.2 All allegations concerning the violation of these by-laws, Rules, Policies and Procedures shall be sponsored by a member of the Board of Directors or a Regional Director. Parties shall first take the allegation/complaining to the appropriate head coach, then the Regional Director. Any allegation or complaint going to a Regional Director, or above, should be filled out in the appropriate form.

24.1.3 If a satisfactory agreement cannot be made through the head coach or Region director, it may be presented to the Commissioner for review by the appropriate form. Parent or coach input may be presented ONLY by a Regional Director to the Commissioner. The Commissioner’s recommendations shall be given to the Region Director. The decision of the Commissioner will be final.

24.2.0 APPEALS

24.2.1 Appeals regarding decisions of the Commissioner shall be filed in written in the appropriate form within 48 hours of the decision. Appeals of decisions by the Board of Directors shall be submitted directly to the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision will be final.

24.2.2 The Appeal must set out specifically the basis for the appeal and the reasons why the decision is believed to be clearly erroneous, arbitrary or capricious. It must be signed by the Commissioner. Appeals must be received within 48 hours.