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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)


11.8.8 INJURY REPORTING: Coaches are required to notify the head official of any possible injuries by the end of the match. The league tracks this information and in order to accurately track injuries and follow necessary protocols for these injuries, it is essential that all injuries be reported to the league. If there is even a chance a player might have a concussion the player must complete the leagues CONCUSSION PROTOCOL which can be found under the PLAYER SAFETY tab at RMYFL.ORG. PLAYER SAFTEY SHOULD BE THE PRIMARY CONCERN FOR ALL COACHES!

How to report

Please report any injuries to the Head Coach who will report those injuries to the Head Referee. Remember the League does not insure players for injuries. If a player obtains an injury (such as a TBI) that was not initially reported then the Head Coach will need to fill out an Official's Form and turn it in to the Commissioner.