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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)

Interested in officiating?

Are you interested in officiating for the RMYFL?

If so, please assure you are eligible (Will be certified and shall have a working knowledge of the current NFHS (certified) and RMYFL rules). Please contact the league at [email protected] We're always looking for good officials to support the league. 

By-Laws & the Officials



18.1.0 Shall be appointed by the Arbiter of Officials who will recruit, organize, and train all officials.


18.2.0 Interprets and clarifies playing rules (especially League changes to high school rules).


18.3.0 Will resolve official-related problems in consultation with the Arbiter of Officials, the Commissioner or the Board of Directors.


18.4.0 Will be certified and shall have a working knowledge of the current NFHS and RMYFL rules.


18.5.0 A minimum of two officials shall be assigned to each game. More officials will be assigned to the older divisions.


18.6.0 The League representative at the field should attempt to complete scheduled games even if officials do not show up. In this case if both head coaches and the League representative at the field agree, non-certified personnel may be recruited to officiate, and the game may be played.


18.7.0 The official on the field keeps the time.


18.8.0 All decisions regarding rules and situations during a game shall be made by the game officials and shall be final.


18.9.0 Shall complete concussion training as described in the concussion policy.


18.10.0 Reports


18.10.1 The head official for a game shall be responsible to fill out any necessary reports regarding the game they officiated. Those reports will be sent to the Arbiter who will review the reports to ensure they are complete. The Arbiter will then forward them to the Commissioner.




a.    Reporting of any game injuries.


b.    Reporting any possible concussions.


c.    Reporting any ejections or unusual circumstances.


B.   Written notification


a.    Scores of each game.