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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)

Things to remember

Below are the requirements for all coach's to complete for the 2017 spring season. Also coach's are to know and understand the bylaws and polices(including concussion and sideline).

- Register as a coach in the league.

- Concussion Requirements (refer to concussion policy):

- USA Football Level 1 Certification
 (must be current year, according to USA Football requirements)

- Don't forget that one of the coaches must be certified, according to the by-laws, as a medical person. 

- Register first, and then send the above documents to the Commissioner at [email protected]

- Background Check: Upon registering and providing the above documentation, Coaches will be sent a link to pass a background check. Coaches must pass the background check in order to be eligible to participate in League activities as a coach.

- The Informed Consent form needs to be gathered from each player and kept with the coach team. Per the concussion policy the coach will ensure that all of his/her players are informed and aware of the risks and signs of concussions. this information is located on the concussion page. Encourage your parents to visit the Parent's page under resources.

Please remember the following:
- Each team can have up to 6 coaches.
- You must have a team representative (see sideline policy)

Coach's Corner

How are teams formed and/or what team will my player be on?

  Coaches typically recruit players and form their own teams with players from their area and who most likely played for them in their fall football season.  If you have a player that wants to play but does not have a coach, then our first step would be to find a coach who would be interested in coaching your player and building a team.  The league will help your player find a coach if needed.  If we are unable to find a coach that is able to coach your player and build a team, the next step would be to place your player on the closest team to where your player lives as long as that team is not already full. 

Conflict Resolution / Regional Directors



24.1.1 It is expected and normal that in athletic competition there will be disagreements. These disagreements have the potential to escalate into conflicts. The Board of Directors, the Regional Directors have the authority and responsibility to resolve disputes. As much as is reasonable, opposing parties are expected to view the issues from a neutral perspective.

24.1.2 All allegations concerning the violation of these by-laws, Rules, Policies and Procedures shall be sponsored by a member of the Board of Directors or a Regional Director. Parties shall first take the allegation/complaining to the appropriate head coach, then the Regional Director. Any allegation or complaint going to a Regional Director, or above, should be filled out in the appropriate form.

24.1.3 If a satisfactory agreement cannot be made through the head coach or Region director, it may be presented to the Commissioner for review by the appropriate form. Parent or coach input may be presented ONLY by a Regional Director to the Commissioner. The Commissioner’s recommendations shall be given to the Region Director. The decision of the Commissioner will be final.


PLEASE Refer to the Conflict Resolution & Regional Directors page for additional information, thanks. 

Conflict Resolution / Regional Directors

By-Law Requirements


11.1.0 Each coach must complete an online application for a volunteer role as either a head
coach or assistant coach at RMYFL.ORG in order to be considered for a coaching position. All
coaching personnel must be of unquestionable character and have a profound interest in and
knowledge of youth and the game of football.

11.2.0 An interview may be required by the Region Director and/or members of the Board of

11.3.0 A FULL CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK must be conducted on every coach and
training is required as described in the concussion policy. All coaches are expected to have a
thorough knowledge of PLAYER SAFETY. Player safety information can be found on the
website RMYFL.ORG.

11.4.0 AGE: Head Coach minimum age is 21 years old, assistant Coaches and team
representative minimum age is 18 years old (see 9.2.0)

11.5.0 RESIDENCY: There are no residency requirements for coaches or players. However,
where you practice will determine what region you are in. Coaches are required to notify the
Commissioner of their home/practice field.

11.6.0 CERTIFICATION: All members of the coaching staff must be certified by the
Commissioner as having completed training sanctioned by the Executive Board to include
being USA Football level one tackle certified and concussion training set as required in the
concussion policy. There shall be at least one certified coach at every game for each team. At
least one coach will be at the games and practices that has completed the medical

11.7.0 FIRST AID: In the absence of a specialized, trained person affiliated with the team in
the designated area according to the sideline policy (e.g., physician, paramedic, nurse,
specially trained volunteer – that has concussion training and is verified through the
commissioner). At least one coach (that is present) should be the holder of a current Red
Cross certificate in community CPR and first-aid, or the PREPARE program by NCSS. Each
team must carry a first aid kit to practices and games. The first aid kit must always be readily
available at the field. The medical person is required to be at each practice and game. The
safety and well-being of our players is a top priority of the league. 

11.8.0 COACHES DUTIES: Coaches are, first and foremost, teachers and mentors. They shall
model appropriate behavior at all times. They are to ensure the development of each and
every player on their team. Above and beyond anything else, coaches are responsible for the
safety of their players. Coaches who do not ensure the safety of their players will be
considered for removal from their position as a coach by the Board of Directors.

11.8.1 THE HEAD COACH is responsible for the team to include coaches, players, and
parents whenever the team is together for any activity such as practices, games or any
other team function.

11.8.2 Coaches carry out League policies; therefore, the coaching staff shall not be
interfered with, except in cases of by-laws or rules violations or other conduct deemed
by higher authority to be contrary to the welfare of youth participants.

11.8.3 Use discretion in allowing a player to re-enter a game after becoming injured.
When in doubt, keep them out of the game and do not allow the player to play.

11.8.4 A player must sit out at least one play following a minor injury.

11.8.5 Do not permit "sweating down" tactics in order for a player to meet weight
requirements. Any procedure that may be hazardous to the health of the players will not
be tolerated.

11.8.6 Refrain from running up the score where the outcome of the game is no longer in

11.8.7 COACHES ON THE FIELD: One coach may be on the field for the Jr. Mite and
Mighty Mite divisions as long as that coach does not interfere with the execution of a
play. Coaches who interfere with the execution of a play may be removed from the field
at the discretion of the Officials, the Arbiter, Field Supervisors, the Game Day Manager,
and/or the Commissioner or board of directors of the League. No other coach may be
on the field during play.

11.8.8 INJURY REPORTING Coaches are required to notify the head official of any
possible injuries, including concussions, by the end of the match. The league tracks this
information and in order to accurately track injuries and follow necessary protocols for
these injuries, it is essential that all injuries be reported to the league. If there is even a
chance a player might have a concussion the player must complete the leagues
CONCUSSION PROTOCOL which can be found under the PLAYER SAFETY tab at

11.9.0 COACHES CONDUCT: The following behaviors shall be adhered to at all times:

11.9.1 Coaches are expected to have read the by-laws and ask the league if they have
any questions. Coaches are expected to understand and adhere to these by-laws. Any
disciplinary action will be referred to these by-laws.

11.9.2 Have an in depth understanding of the PLAYER SAFETY; how to prevent
injuries, how to handle potential injury, how to report injuries to the league, and to make
PLAYER SAFETY their main priority whenever conducting any team activity or function. 
Revised 01-30-2017

11.9.3 Refrain from smoking (including e-cigarettes), use of any tobacco product, any
type of illegal substance, or drinking in front of players during practices, games, and any
RMYFL activity.

11.9.4 Refrain from using profane or abusive language or gestures while participating in
any RMYFL activity.

11.9.5 Do not criticize or demean players or coaches of any team at any time; positive,
constructive communication can be done privately or in the presence of the team so that
all my benefit.

11.9.6 Accept decisions of game officials in an attitude of good sportsmanship. We try
to provide the best officials available but all of us are human and make mistakes.
Please handle all of your interactions with officials with respect and professionalism.

11.9.7 Strive to make every football activity an opportunity to have fun, grow at the
game of football, serve as a training ground for life for your players, and provide a
positive experience that will encourage players to continue to enjoy playing football.

USA Tackle Certification

Clarification on certification:

Tackle Certification has to be the current year of the season. USA Football creates some confusion with this. Here is their message to this.

From their help desk:
"How Long Does A Certification Last?
USA Football does not have a mandate on how long a certification can be accepted by your league, but we suggest one year. We provide the tools for leagues and teams to run their organizations. It is up to the leagues to set how long their coaches' certifications are valid.

If your organization is participating in the Heads Up Football program, all head and assistant coaches are required to complete the Level 1 Tackle Certification annually."

Their email response to this:
As the commissioner of your league you set the final rules for certification if you are not associated with Heads Up Football. That language from our helpdesk only pertains to tackle certification for coaches who may not be associated with our Heads Up Football program.

If you are enrolled in Heads Up Football like you have done in the pass you agree in the terms and conditions that all of your coaches will get certified in the current year for the upcoming season.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give me a call at 317-614-7765.


Mike Trott
USA Football
Coordinator, Membership Services

*Please note: To be covered under USA Football's General Liability insurance policy, you must have successfully completed a USA Football certification course within the past 12 months and have an active Coach or Officials Membership.