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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)

Concussion Policy

RMYFL has adopted a concussion policy that will be adhered to. Please read and understand the concussion policy. All coach's are required to complete the concussion training, which is also the tackle 1 certification. A copy of the tackle 1 certification is to be given to the Commissioner. It is suggested that all parents also complete the training as well. 

Listed in links to right:
RMYFL - RMYFL Concussion Policy
Informed Consent - (parents/players to fill out and coaches to have on file)
Concussion Clearance

Heads Up Concussion by CDC - Primary page with concussion training module, this being the training that is provided through tackle 1 certification.

Coach's - Coach information on concussions.

Parent's - Parent information on concussions.

The reporting of concussions should be done with the injury report form.