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Rocky Mountain Youth Football League (RMYFL)


Our mission in the Rocky Mountain Youth Football League is to allow youth an opportunity to participate in the game of football on an outdoor or indoor field while coaching/teaching them the fundamentals of the game to further developing their skills with an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, respect and interaction with youth their age while being coached/mentored by adults who emulate these standards.

Every youth who has the desire and means to play, regardless of experience, skill or ethnicity, will be afforded that opportunity in the RMYFL. RMYFL is a great way to further coach, train, condition, prepare and gain experience in the sport of tackle football.

The RMYFL recognizes that the youth of today are the future leaders of our country and world, and they will build strength, success, and confidence while participating in our league in order to reach their great potential. Winning does not make a winner, and losing does not make a loser...its how you play the game, on and off the field!